What is an alert?

An alert is an SMS text message sent out to a patient when a vaccine becomes available in their area. 


I received a message saying I had a 50% chance of a vaccine

We alert people who have a 50% chance of receiving a vaccine appointment alert the next day to confirm that they still want the vaccine and to give them the opportunity to make arrangements for the next day. 



What happens when I receive an alert?

The text message notification will let you know that there is an available dose for you in a city. It will ask if you can arrive by a set time. You will need to respond to the text message quickly in order to claim the offered dose. After you confirm, you will receive the exact location and any additional information from the provider. You should then promptly proceed to the vaccination site and let them know you were sent by Dr. B. After you confirm, the provider will have your name and is expecting you before the set time.


What time will I receive an alert?

The time of the alert depends on the operating hours of the provider you are matched with. Dr. B will notify you of last-minute appointments that become available day-of. 


What if I don’t respond in time?

You will receive a follow-up SMS to help you re-register for the standby list. When you request to REJOIN you will keep your original place in line. 



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