How Do I Register for Dr. B? How Do I Register for Dr. B?

How Do I Register for Dr. B?

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How do I sign up? 

To sign up please visit our homepage at and click on the "I want the COVID-19 vaccine" button. This will take you to our registration page, simply fill out the form and that's it! You will be placed on our standby list and will receive an alert when a vaccine becomes available in your area.


1. Click the button that reads, "I want the COVID vaccine":


2. Enter the verification code sent to your phone via text message:


3. Enter your basic information:


4. If you wish to be prioritized on the standby list, you may opt to fill out the prioritization questions by toggling on the Prioritized Status bar. If you do not opt to fill out the additional questions, this is the final step of the registration process.

If you opt to fill out the prioritization questions, select your occupation from our extensive list of professions:


Select your medical conditions:


Select whether you live in a group setting and if so, what kind:


and finally, click "Submit Registration!" Thank you for registering for Dr. B!


What information do I need to register?

To determine your priority group based on state and local guidelines, we will ask you to provide your telephone number, name, email, zip code, and date of birth, and if you choose to be prioritized, we will ask for profession and health conditions.


Who can register?

Dr. B encourages everyone who has not received a COVID-19 vaccine to sign up for our program. Vaccines are prioritized based on the eligibility criteria of the state and local government in which your assigned provider is located. Once you are placed in your proper prioritization group, your place within that group is determined by the order in which you and your fellow users registered.


Can I sign up if I am under 18? 

Parents of children 13+ can now utilize Dr.B to sign their kids up for possible appointments! When a patient fills out the registration form, the following certification window appears if the Date of Birth indicates that the patient is under 18:


Can I sign up if I live outside the United States?

Currently, our platform is only available for persons living in the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we plan to continue to enhance our platform with the goal that someday we can help as many people get vaccinated as possible.


Should homeless shelter residents sign up?

Yes. We encourage anyone to sign up.


How do I know if I am registered? 

You will receive a text message notifying you of your place on the nationwide waitlist. This number simply indicates how many people nationwide have signed up to join the movement. Your position in the line is based on your location and what prioritization group you are eligible for, dictated by the state and local eligibility guidelines of the provider you are connected with.  If you are unsure if you were registered correctly, please go to and re-register. Your profile will be updated to reflect any new information. You will not lose your place in line.


If I register, am I in line? 

Yes, you are already in line, there is no need for you to sign in again. When a vaccine becomes available in your area, we will alert you via text messages.



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